Research forms the foundation of the Angel Resource Institute's perspectives and positions on angel investing.  Our educational programs and papers are based on the collective knowledge of the angel investing community.  ARI accumulates data from interviews and surveys of groups as small as a few dozen leading angels to the aggregated investment details of thousands of investors.

Our leading data source is formal angel organizations- over 125 of these groups provide transaction data to ARI on a regular basis.  A long-term goal of ARI is to allow researchers to access an anonymized version of the data.  This should expand the breadth and quality of analysis of early-stage investing.

ARI supplements its unique data set with published information from leading sources of entrepreneurship and venture capital activity, ensuring that our educational programs and publications reflect the perspectives of the entire startup community.

Papers developed by ARI are reviewed by a screening committee including angel investors and university level researchers prior to publication, and portions of the Education curriculum that leverage our research base are vetted by ARI staff as well as our lead instructor corps.

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Angel groups and individual angel investors are invited to  have their data included in the Halo Report database.  You will be making a valuable contribution to a better understanding of how angel investing works.  Click here to find out more.

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